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Inspirations come from all over.  In addition to those arising from beauty and form, inspiration comes from the voices of the many people who are touched by art.  I have always valued the reactions, perspectives and views that people contribute when taking in mine.  As with the joy of the interaction I have with art patrons and aficionados at art shows, one purpose of this site to give you a chance to 'overhear' comments of others.  Read below for their comments.  Or if you are so inclined, let me know your thoughts...just click on the "contact us" button on the left side of any page to send me an email with your thoughts and reactions.  Thanks in advance for your contribution, and have fun!


"My family commissioned Jennifer Kivari to create a piece of art for my 37th birthday.  Jenny asked for donations from the family that would help her make the mosaic, such as: found objects, words, historical facts and pictures.  Unbeknownst to me, she started her work on what I would later consider one of the most beautiful and unique pieces of art I have ever seen."   

Dayna – Tree of Life is a mosaic that is vibrant, dynamic and poignant.  Depending on the time of day and the lighting, many layers of artist interpretation surface.  There are so many symbols, details and truisms in my mosaic that I will never tire of looking at it.  The overall themes of the piece blend seamlessly; enabling me to stand back and look at the entire mosaic and enjoy it in a holistic manner.  As a biographical artist, Jenny brings out the best in her subjects.  The mosaic is gorgeous, historically accurate (which satisfies my historical sensibilities) and reflective of my family which includes a fair share of whimsical fun.

Upon receiving my birthday mosaic, I was simply overwhelmed and awestruck.  I was touched my family’s thoughtfulness and more significantly, Jennifer’s extraordinary artistic talent and inspiration.  Jenny has given me something unique to hand down to my children.  When I look at my mosaic, I think of the past, the present and I can only imagine what my family and others will think of me in the future! 

It is difficult for pictures to do Jenny's work justice.  They are best viewed in person.  If anyone would like to see my brilliant Tree of Life, I would be pleased to show it.  You can contact me with any questions about the client side of this amazing artistic process.  My email is


~ Dayna Christ-Rowling, recipient of customized "Personal Life Journey" mosaic.  Go to Top


"Jennifer Kivari has developed a truly unique process to convey her particular vision. Her recent "Best of Show' award was a unanimous decision, without hesitation, by myself and the other jurors, at the 2006 Sidney Fine Art Show. Eclipsing over 1000 entries of all style and media.

Jennifer somehow manages to transform the rigid limitations of her medium and make it flow like liquid. It's a joy to study the creative "stream-of -consciousness", within the details of her art. Layers of intricacy to reinforce and add depth, yet never losing sight of her overall concept. Amazing and highly creative expression.

You must remember to step back and absorb the overall work. The end  product is truly greater then the sum of it's parts.

~ Mark Heine, Juror, Sidney Fine Art Show, 2006 Go to Top







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